Kilian Jornet Foundation

“I have been climbing mountains and crossing glaciers my whole life, and I could observe how the effects of the climate change have been devastating.

We all have a role in reversing this tendency and ensure that the next generations are able not only to play in the mountains but to live in a healthy planet. High mountains and glaciers are an essential part of the planet life, from the water cycle to the biodiversity, and my foundation is aiming to work for the protection of this regions and its role in the planet health.”

Kilian Jornet

Bernitz © Photographer

The main mission of the Kilian Jornet Foundation is the preservation of mountain environments. Mountains, which have an important role in the ecosystem, have played a key part in Kilian Jornet’s growth both as a person and as an athlete. Thus, their preservation has become a passion and priority for Kilian.


Mountain environments cover some 27 percent of the world's land surface, and directly support 22 percent of the world's population who live within these mountains regions. Societies in lower areas also depend on mountain environments for a wide range of goods and services, including water, energy, timber, biodiversity maintenance, and opportunities for recreation and spiritual renewal.


Samuel Nussbaumer © Photographer

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